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Get Creative With Safe & Easy Metalworking Tools


Save money & stretch your budget (not just our metal)

You don't need to be a welder, blacksmith or metalworker to use our tools and even beginners can be making metal projects in minutes.

These unique hand powered metalworking tools can be used from children to the industrial user. Requiring no heat or power, anyone can pick up our tools and be making simple crafts straightaway.

It’s a deal, it’s a steel

Whenever you need additional steel, we go to great lengths to deliver to your door. Square & round tubes. Flat, angled & collared bars. Chains, hooks & more.

See what you could make!

Whether you’re metal crafting for pleasure or profit, there’s a huge range of practical and decorative pieces to create.

Metalworking machine & tool specialists

Introducing Warco

Machinery and tools direct to customers globally for nearly 50 years. Offering machines for industry, engineers, professionals, schools,
colleges, hobbyists and model engineers.

Meet Our Metalcrafters

Great for hobbyists. Perfect for professionals. Discover our diverse community of users and learn how our Metalcraft tools could help shape your future.

Metalcraft UK is the market-leading online metal craft tools retailer
- tried & trusted by UK & international customers since 1950.

Great for beginners and experienced hobbyists, our metal working tools are the number one choice for ornamental metalwork craftsmen. 
Perfect for wrought iron sculpting and bending, metal crafting or making decorative items; browse & buy our exclusive metalcraft tools online now!

Be inspired, discover What To Make and design your dream project – house signs, gates, porches,
grilles, benches, log baskets & more!