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Decorative Features

Stylish and elegant, weldable Decorative Features are the perfect finishing touch for gates and fencing. Browse & buy pre-fabricated post tops, railing tops, solid & hollow balls or bushings. Designed as metal fence components, they can also be used for curtain poles, bedheads or lighting projects.

Railing Tops

Railing Top MCWR66
Railing Top MCWR51505
Railing Top MCWR151
Railing Top MCWR161
Railing Top MCWR152
Railing Top MCWR251
Railing Top MCWR18105
Railing Top MCWR18005

Pre-fabricated Post Tops

Solid & Hollow Balls

Solid Sphere 20 Dia MCWR504
Hollow Sphere 40 Dia MCWR04003
Hollow Sphere 70 Dia MCWR07003
Solid Sphere 40 Dia MCWR501
Hollow Sphere 100 Dia MCWR10003

Bushings for Gate & Fence Pickets


Closed Rosette MC1295
Open Petal Rosette MC1292
Small Rosette MC1294
Rosette with Stalk MC1293

Decorative Baskets