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Do I need welding or metalworking skills to be able to use the tools?

Where can I buy candle trays & clocks shown in some of your designs?

How do I attach candle trays & other accessories to my metalwork?

What Guarantee is provided on the tools?

What tools are available in the Metalcraft range?

What training and support is provided for beginners?

How long will a punch pin last?

How can I roll the right sized circle with Metalcraft Tools?

What can I make with Metalcraft?

What coating or paint do you use on items made with Metalcraft tools?

What size rivet should I buy for joining metalwork together?

What tools do I need to get started?

Which range of tools would be best for me?

Will tools only work with special steel or metal? Where can I get it?

Can I arrange to see a demonstration of the tools in action?

Can I access expert help & support?