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Self Fix Craft Accessories

Let your creative juices flow and be inspired by our collection of Self-Fix Craft Accessories & Decorative Shapes. Attach in seconds with discreet & powerful Neodymium magnets. Choose from celestial shapes, birds, insects, animals, emblems, leaves, fruit, flowers, motifs & more!

Arrow Vane MC758
Arrow Head MC757
M16 Small Star MC1212
Sold Out
M61 Moon MC1211
M60 Sun MC1210
Sun God MC755
M2 Star MC708
B12 Large Dragonfly MC1221
BP Medium Butterfly MC1213
Honey Bee MC1478
Ladybird MC754
B3 Owl MC707
B27 Pheasant MC1479
Cat MC752
B4 Rooster MC1225
B7 Hen MC1226
Scottish Thistle MC1216
M44 Heart MC1218
Xmas Tree MC1432
M9 Large de Fleur MC716
Xmas Bells MC756
F120 Flower MC1476
F30 8 Petal Flower MC1400
Sold Out
Large Sunflower MC1437
L51 Oak Leaf MC1233
F33 10 Petal Flower MC1401
F21 Small Flower MC1439
Sold Out
F3 Morning Glory MC1222
L27 Grapes MC709