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Candle Accessories

Add a decorative touch. Create a flower effect. Introduce elegance. Choose from our impressive array of candle holders and drip trays and revolutionise your candelabra or candle-inspired project. Candle Accessories with endless possibilities.

Candle Holders with Punched Hole

Sold Out
W3 Candle Holder MC1450
W1 Candle Holder MC068
W2A Candle Holder MC1448
W1A Candle Holder MC069
W1B Candle Holder MC070

Candle Trays with Punched Hole

W15 Candle Tray MC079
W26 Candle Tray MC088
Tricorn Candle Tray MC1446
T10 Candle Tray MC1412
C6 Candle Tray MC715
W25 Candle Tray MC087

Chunky Candle Trays with Punched Hole

Candle Trays & Holders available with & without Punched Hole

Sold Out

Glass Candle & Tealight Holders


Small Cone MC1288
Sold Out