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Robert Batt, Sculptor

drogon made with steel wire

Robert received an A-level in art, but didn’t think a career as an artist was a possibility so became a car mechanic. Through this profession he developed skills using a variety of tools in particular a welder. After purchasing his own welder for some home repairs he experimented with it to create some sculptures. Since then he's been making sculptures for 15 years and have so far created over 50 pieces using his Metalcraft steel. Robert has had work featured in art shows and sold many pieces via the web and like many a Metalcraft user has turned his passion into into profit.  He mostly works with steel, but has also tried his hand at wood carving and stone carving. Most of his pieces are animals or machinery as he's fascinated with biological and mechanical engineering and the relationship between components and how they interact. Since retiring from his job Robert has been spending more time sculpting and set up his own website to show and sell his amazing pieces. www.moonlightsculptures.com 


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drogon made with steel wire