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Congratulations to Chloe Anderson, Metalcraft’s accounts & payroll manager for picking up her winning trophy recently at the Hull & Humber Top 30 Under 30 event.

It was a night to recognise and appreciate emerging talent for people under the age of 30, Chloe along with 29 other winners were honoured at this prestigious event.

Chloe's rise within the company has been nothing short of meteoric and worthy of wider recognition than just the confines of Metalcraft! Starting in March 2018, her progress was so rapid that within 6 months she was promoted from Assistant to Manager in the Payroll team, was getting involved in various other projects where she soon obtained a much wider appreciation of the business as a whole. Chloe assisted the directors during the difficult lockdown and Covid period and was vital in getting the company through its biggest ever challenge. Her commitment shown and tireless effort in the most trying of circumstances really deserves to be marked and celebrated. She acts as a great role model to young and aspiring managers not just within this company but all companies!

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winning photo

" In my role every day is a different day, I face new challenges which help me learn. Working with the team around me who all share the same ideas and are forward thinking like l am."

" When you start your career, don't run before you can walk, be organised from the off and get a good understanding of the business' foundations as this will help you understand how everything has to work like clockwork in finance."

Well done Chloe, the whole of the Metalcraft team are so proud of you and all you’ve achieved in such a short space of time.

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