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Pack of J-B Weld (Two Part - Liquid Steel) Adhesive


Product Code: MC1235

With our new ultra strong J-B Weld Epoxy Steel Resin you can attach your custom made fixing tags from our 10mm x 1.6mm steel strip (see our Steel in Handy Size Packs section)

As you can see in the image below, we have made a tag to suit this particular Self fix accessory and this can be glued to its back using the JB Weld.

Then when it has fully bonded, you can attach this accessory to your metalwork project by rivet or nut & bolt fixing.

Also great for general bonding.

Cures dark grey

Pliabale up to 25 mins, cures fully in 24hrs

Permantly bonds metal, plastics, ceramics, wood and masoanry.

Can be drilled, filled, sanded. machined, tapeed and painted.

Tensil strength 3900psi - 273kg/cm2