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Cradle For Mushroom Base Tealight Holders, Windlights and Plain Sided Votive Holders


Product Code: MC1268

Our range of glassware candle holders are primarily designed as tea light holders. However, when combined with metalwork and wrought iron work you can create fantastic looking lighting projects for indoor or outdoor use.

Some of these items can sit in rings or bent metalwork created won our RBR tools or XL5+ Power Bender or they can sit in some of our other candle holders and trays.

In the case of our mushroom base tealights, our mushroom windlights (see Outdoor Living Accessories - Lanterns) and plain sided votive glasses our specially designed cradle will support and suspend the glassware as shown here.


Made from Lightweight Aluminium the Metalcraft Cradle is Ideal for Hanging our Mushroom Based Tea light Holders MC1251 and MC1252

70mm Outer  Dia  x 55mm Inner Dia x 1mm Thick

Note - the arms of the cradle can be bent to suit the shape of the item being held and method of suspension.