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Product Code: MC1525

Metalcraft are now offering a range of weathervane kits to help create your very own.

This yacht silhouette can be used in many various ways. They can make a feature in your garden, look great as a focal point on a wrought iron gate and can also be used as weathervane or something completely different.

This 6-piece weathervane kit is complete with the N, E, S, W directional arms, arrow silhouette and a yacht silhouette to catch the wind. To build your weathervane you will need to source various other components to complete the weathervane and it will also need connecting together with something other than rivets. 

MC1503 - YACHT: 325mm W x 309mm H x 2mm Thick 

MC1504 - ARROW: 711mm W x 80mm H x 2mm Thick 

MC1505 - NORTH: 277mm W x 124mm H x 2mm Thick 

MC1505 - EAST: 276mm W x 124mm H x 2mm Thick 

MC1505 - SOUTH: 263mm W x 124mm H x 2mm Thick 

MC1505 - WEST: 302mm W x 124mm H x 2mm Thick 

Our new powerful magnets MC1451 are great for attaching our silhouettes to other metalwork.  


N.B Please be aware of sharp edges when handling and using this product.