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Speed Shelf Greenhouse/Shed Tidy (Green)


Product Code: SSPACKTG

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Is there a space problem in your greenhouse, shed or garage? If so then Speed-Shelf offers you a range of solutions with our one-stop shop of greenhouse shelving and storage systems.


- Creates the ideal location to house all those useful Greenhouse and gardening accessories.

- Hangs from the horizontal struts in a greenhouse or can be fitted back to wooden or masonry walls.

 - Helps to keep harmful chemicals out of the reach of children and pets.

- Neat and compact - does not take up valuable floor space.

- Supplied complete with 4 tidy baskets which can be positioned to suit the height of stored contents.


Type T.  Greenhouse/Shed Tidy 33" (838mm) Height x 15.5" (394mm) Basket Width x 6" (152mm) Basket Depth.


Simply hook ladder section over horizontal rail. Tidy Baskets hook onto any of the available 6 cross wires in the ladder.

To fit in wooden structures or to masonry, simply use appropriate sized woodscrews (not provided) through special adaptor holes as shown.


British made, built to last