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Practical Twister c/w Slotted Adapter


Product Code: MC028X

The MC028X Practical Twisting Tool is the smallest Metalcraft twister in our range and is a very useful part of our practical range of tools, especially for those wanting to add to metal twisting to their ornamental metalwork projects. With a maximum working capacity of 20mm x 3mm, this steel twister can also twist 10mm square bar with it’s standard gripping collar fitted.

The tool is also supplied with a special slotted adaptor set which not only allows faster repetitive twisting when using flat bars but also allows bars twists to be incorporated on “S” or “C” scrolls formed at each end of metal bar on our series 2 scroll formers. For this reason, many customers always prefer to have the adaptor components fitted and use the standard collar only if square bars need to be twisted.

Dimensions: 100mm W x 1070mm L x 90mm H x 280mm Handle Length

Max working Capacity*

20mm x 3mm (flat strip)

10mm (square bar)

Twist Length**

Min 1" (25mm)

Max 37" (940mm)

* All sizes are approximate and in mm unless stated otherwise

**Longer Twists can be achieved with care by moving twisted sections through the machine and then twisting the next section”

Tools are supplied complete with operating instructions and spare parts lists.

Please note: The maximum working capacity is for Hot Rolled Mild Steel Bar and Annealed Bright Mild Steel Bar. Working beyond these limits or with material of greater hardness may reduce the operational life of the machines.

This special Boss and Slide Unit can be fitted to the Practical Twister in place of the standard collar to allow rapid twisting – a feature of particular importance if having to make repeated twists. The slotted collar also allows twists to be inserted in a length of flat strip which has scrolls already formed at each end.

Operations and Features
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy to fit
  • Produces consistent and evenly spaced twists in flat strip and square bar
  • Now supplied with Optional Extra Adaptor for rapid twisting and putting twists between scroll

To twist the gripping bolts in the collar and also in the slide to grip steel bars firmly at the points where you want the twist to start and finish

Simply rotate handles to twist until the required number of twists are achieved

Standard collar can be easily removed and special slotted boss and drop in grip on slide allows rapid repeat twists to be performed.

Pre-formed scrolls that cannot be placed in standard Practical Twister can be dropped into the Adaptor and twisted.