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Practical Punch Pin (3mm Diameter) for version 2 and version 3 Practical Punch/Shear Tools


Product Code: MC616

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SPECIAL NOTE - Those customers with a version 2 (circle August 1998 - January 2002) Practical Punch & Shear tool should re-order an MC616 (Punch Pin) and/or MC617 (Punch Block). However, those customers with a version 3 (circle Feb 2002 - present day) should re-order an MC616 (Punch Pin) and/or MC805 (Punch Block). Those with a version earlier than version 2 will require an MC206 (Punch Pin) and/or MC251 (Punch Block), in which case contact us for price and availability.

For punching 3mm diameter holes with the Practical Punch & Shear tool.

Operations and Features

Our full range of spares and consumables will keep your Metalcraft tools running year after year.

The items shown in this section are consumables and may require replacement from time to time, however we do offer the complete range of spare parts for all of our tools, so if you require a replacement, please contact us and quote the part numbers from the spare parts drawing/operating instruction booklet that was supplied with the tool at the time of purchase.

If you are unable to carry out the replacement or repair of the tool yourself, we do offer a complete repair service if youcan arrange to send the tool in question back to us (contact us first for a quote).