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Pack of 5mm dia x 16mm long Button Head Hex Head Bolts with Nyloc Nuts (Contents: approx 50)


Product Code: MC063

Nuts & Bolts are useful for fastening metalwork together where it is physically not possible to form a riveted joint. These new 5mm (M5) Button Head Hex Socket bolts are great for Master and XL related projects where you need to hold a temporary joint prior to riveting (or welding). Alternatively, with the nyloc nuts provided these can provide a good permanent fixing in their own right. The nyloc nut incorporates a nylon insert which helps to grip the nut to the bolt to avoid them working loose.

Rather than use a conventional screw driver to tighten them up, the Hex Socket head works with a 3mm allen key which you can purchase from us seperately if you don't already have one in your toolbox.