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Pack of 3mm dia x 8mm long Rivets (Contents: approx 120)


Product Code: MC051L

Provides a means of permanently fixing formed metalwork together without the need for welding, heat or power.


Useful Tip - selecting the right rivet size

1. Choose the correct diameter of rivet - Our 3mm rivets are available in four different lengths. These are suitable for use with 3mm holes punched on the Practical Punch/Shear (or Master Punch/Shear fitted with 3mm Punch Block & Pin or the XL5+ Power Bender fitted with 3mm Punch Block & Pin). Similarly, our 5mm rivets are also available in four lengths suitable for holes punched by our Master Punch/Shear (fitted with 5mm Punch Block & Pin) or our XL5+ Power Bender (fitted with Punch Block & Pin).

2. Choose the correct length of rivet - This is dictated by how many strips of metal you are joining together and their combined thickness. If working with bars upto 3mm thick, the rivet should 2-3mm longer than the combined thickness of the metalwork being riveted together. If riveting bars thicker than 3mm together, the rivet should stand proud by approx 3-5mm longer than the combined thickness of the bars.