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Mk 3/4 Scroll Former


Product Code: MC025

When it comes to wrought iron benders for making heavy duty scrolls our powerful top of the range MC025 Mk 3 4 scroll bender tool is the ultimate. This impressive bit of kit can make scrolls up to 265mm scrolls from steel bars up to 50mm x 6mm or 25mm x 10mm flat mild steel bar or 14mm square or round bar. In addition, for those with forges, you can heat steel bars up and scroll 16mm round or square bar.

Just like the smaller Mk2/3 and MK3/3 versions this scroll maker uses a capstan operation to draw a steel bar into the centre of the tool. By doing so it avoids needing a large amount of clear space around your work station to wrap a large bar of black hot rolled mild steel.

Because of the scale of the scrolls it produces, it is the logical scroll bending machine to complement our XL range of tools of bending tools.

Dimensions: 365mm W x 360mm D x 180mm H x 530mm Handle Radius (extendable to 910mm)

Max working Capacity*

50mm x 6mm to 25mm x 10mm (flat strip)

14mm (square bar) - 16mm if bar heated

14mm dia (round bar) - 16mm if bar heated

Max scroll size*


* All sizes are approximate and in mm unless stated otherwise

Note also - The Mk3/3 and Mk3/4 Scroll Formers also have interchangeable segments to allow different scrolls shapes to be made.


The maximum scroll size quoted is approximate due to the varying temper (spring) of steel.

All tools on this page are supplied complete with operating instructions, spare parts diagram, scroll former template sheets and magnetic markers for repeatable scrolls.

Please note: The maximum working capacity is for Hot Rolled Mild Steel Bar and Annealed Bright Mild Steel Bar. Working beyond these limits or with material of greater hardness may reduce the operational life of the machines.

Operations and Features
  • Produces bigger scrolls than the Mk 3/3 and has a bigger working capacity
  • Easy To Use
  • Also available with Optional Extra Tube Bending Components (See MC025X)

Open out segments and ensure pressure roller is set towards centre of scroll former before gripping steel in centre of tool with special gripping teeth on innermost segment.

Rotate handles of capstan to draw steel into the former as segments close up to create the scroll shape.

Extendable Handles help deliver extra power when scrolling bigger materials.