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Mini Bench Pedestal


Product Code: MC2003


When scrolling on the Mk 1/2 Scroll Former or Mk2/2H scroll former, steel is pulled round the segments which can require plenty of clear space around the scroll former itself. To overcome this, we have suggested buying  a vice or making a raised wooden block to avoid the metal hitting other tools and items on your bench. However, this simple and low cost solution avoids that expense and trouble.

With our Mini Bench Pedestal you can quickly solve that problem and with the wing nut & bolt fittings supplied, you can quickly changeover from a Mk 1/2 scroll former to a Mk2/2H Scroll former (or vice versa).

150mm W x 150mm L x 140mm H

Designed to work with our  Mk 1/2 and Mk 2/2 scroll formers only. Image shows Mk2/2H (purchased seperately) mounted on the top.