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Hour, Minute & Second Hand Set, black in colour ( for 7 inch 176mm Chapter Rings)


Product Code: MC1248

Components which enable you to make your own decorative clocks from carriage and desk clocks to stylish wall clocks!

To complement our range of quartz clock movements and special steel clock plates (see Back Plates & Base Plates section) we offer a range of chapter rings and hands to enable you to complete the construction of your clock project.

The chapter rings provide a classic brass clock face effect and are available in two sizes 5" (126mm) and 7" (176mm) and two numeral styles (Roman or Standard). These can be attached to a clock face of your choice by using a good strong adhesive (see our JB Weld in the Self Fix accessories section). 

Similarly, the hands are available in two sizes, one to match the 5" (126mm) chapter ring and one to match the 7" (176mm) chapter ring and two colours black or gold although these can be overpainted any colour you require.     

The hands comprise an hour, minute and a second hand which has a central disk to provide an attractive finish. (If you choose not to use the second hand you cn trim the long and short arms off and just use the T disk as the end cap on the spindle of the clock movement. 

76mm long hour hand (75mm from the centre)

103mm long minute hand (90mm from the centre)

87mm long second hand (68mm from the centre)

 Please note styles may vary slightly.