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Free Instruction Sheet - Starter Pack 2 Project (Hanging Bracket in 2 Styles)

Product Code: MCFREE005

Download this free A3 format instruction sheet today to make these ever practical hanging brackets for hanging baskets, lanterns, birdfeeders and much more. Two different designs are shown in the instructions - one is a straightforward but stylish zig zag design, and the other a more ornate and classy curved bracket 

These amazingly well thought out instructions include a fully dimensioned design template giving all cutting lengths, bend points and angles plus scroll points as well as any pre-determined hole positions.

With these easy to follow step by step instructions you can replicate this idea without any trouble and a complete breakdown of the materials required to make it are provided. However to save time why not order the complete Starter Pack 2 (Code MC102) in the Learning & Teaching Aids section and get all the materials, fixings and accessories to make this item along with the other two projects in Starter Pack 2. 

These instructions also include some further development ideas for you adapt this simple idea into many variations.  

Download PDF