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Design Pack - Classic Clock (Difficulty Rating: More Complex)


Product Code: MC1332CC

A design pack with full instructions and materials to make with Metalcraft.

Can be made with Practical Lite, Practical Workshop or Practical Pro Workshop.

If using Master & XL Workshops tools you will need to use the 3mm Punch Block & Pin for punching holes.


The metalcraft classic clock makes a great feature of any wall  

Our Design Pack contains all the materials, fixings and accessories including all the clock components needed to make this great looking project. 

Following on from our Starter Packs 1 & 2 each design pack comes complete with easy to follow instruction sheets & drawings as a step by step guide to making this great looking item to impress your friends or family. We even supply spare material and fixings in the pack to cover for the odd mistake along the way. 


Dimensions of finished item approx: 490 DIA x 25MM D