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Basket Maker for XL Twister


Product Code: MC1000

Optional extra enables great looking Ornamental Steel Baskets to be made quckly and consistently on your XL Twisting Tool.

Increase the capability of your old or existing Metalcraft tools with our range of optional extra add ons.

For a full specification and Demonstration video clip see the MC009X XL Twister complete with Basket Maker in the XL Tools section.

Note - all of these add ons should be compatible with most earlier versions of the host tool. However, if in doubt, feel free to contact us for advice remembering to quote approximate age of the tool you wish to fit it to and its version number from the spare parts drawing/operating instruction booklet that was supplied with the tool at the time of purchase.


Fits to nearly all previous versions of the XL Twister (see note below).

This great add on enables you to make your own stylish and bulbous profile decorative baskets on the XL Twisting Tool using clusters of four 6mm or 8mm square or round bars. For full specification and demonstration clip see MC009X in the XL Tools section for the maximum working capacity and capabilities of this useful add on.