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Students have fun making and selling

Students from Hindley High School in Wigan soon got to grips with the practical metalworking aspects of Metalcraft tools to set up their own manufacturing production line.

After purchasing some of our ‘Practical’ range of tools, the school tasked the pupils made gardens planters, hanging baskets and a number of other products which they sold to raise funds for trips.

We advised and assisted on the set-up and demonstrated the tools to students, providing support and instruction to help get them up and running.

The pupils got so adept at using the tools that they were taking orders from the school’s own gardening club and staff.

Dave Rudd, Head of Design and Technology, said: “The response and demand for the products has now exceeded our capability to make them.

“The tools are tremendous fun to use. The students love the freedom and independence and it allows them to manufacture quality items with confidence and they develop problem solving skills.

“The projects make ideal gifts for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day and we are now considering selling them to raise money to subsidise activities and trips.”

Pick up skills quickly & easily

The tools were such a hit with staff and students that they ran an extended ‘design and make’ project with their Year Nine pupils.

Mr Rudd added: “The advantage of using Metalcraft tools is the speed at which pupils can use the equipment skilfully and accurately. The level of teacher support can be differentiated to suit the ability of the group with more or less use of templates and help sheets.

“The end results are obviously high quality due to the nature of the equipment used and final products can be obtained very quickly. This fast turnaround of product obviously maintains a high degree of motivation and rapidly builds self-confidence.”

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