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Roger Russell, - Wire Sculpture

With over 30 years of experience, Roger, a former avionics engineer has now put his fabrication and welding skills into his own business………which also happens to be his passion! He is known as the “High-Definition Wire Sculptor” due to his ability to design and create a wide variety of sculptures in various materials in such fine and precise detail. 


Roger works on a variety of projects from large, life size sculptures to challenging micro sculptures, always developing new ways to push himself to create new and more complex pieces. Roger wished to share his passion and skills and now teaches one to one and group lessons as he believes anybody with the right guidance can create works of art, beyond what they believe they can - a view Metalcraft shares.

His trusty XL5+ Power Bender has been invaluable, helping to create his larger works of art and Roger has recently invested in a smaller bending tool for his workshops for the students to use. 

We look forward in anticipation to what Roger comes up with in the future.  

To see more of Rogers work or to book a lesson at one of his workshops you can contact him through his web site for more information 

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