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A Young Man who likes a Challenge

A Young Man who likes a Challenge

Having made one straightforward Metalcraft project, what was next for Euan…

Why not a bespoke rocking chair!


Euan Kerr from Hexham first started using Metalcraft tools a couple of years back to fill his time before he started his A levels. With only enough time for one project Euan chose a nifty pan stand, a design of his own that has proved very useful and gave him the Metalcraft bug to try out another project in the future!

Fast forward a couple of years after Euan did outstanding in his A levels, again with a little time before he started his studies -this time a degree in mechatronics engineering at Glasgow University, Euan decided he wanted to have a go at making another Metalcraft project and this time using the larger XL tools. Always up for the challenge Euan roughly sketched his idea of a rocking chair and then began to add measurements and research what steel would be needed. 40 x 6mm was the steel of choice and using his sketch, measurements, tool instructions and the Metalcraft template drawing guide Euan got started. It wasn’t long before the individual parts started to come off the machines. The XL5+ Power Bender for cutting, bending and those ever-important curves on a rocking chair and the 3/4 former for all the large scrolls. With the ability to set the tools to create multiples of the same shapes everything started to come together. Too large to rivet Euan had a little help with the welding to complete the chair, the result were amazing, an elegant classic design and comfy too.

Well done Euan you should be mightily proud of your efforts, everyone at Metalcraft is looking forward to seeing your next project, the bar has been set very high indeed.

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A Young Man who likes a Challenge