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with John Glover
VHS or DVD: $39.95 plus S&H

See master craftsman John Glover
demonstrate his understanding of the
trade he has enjoyed nearly 50 years.


This video covers:
  • Proper setup of the English Wheel
  • How to track properly
  • How to form a crown in a piece
  • How to "wheel" round pieces
  • How to remove or let out too much crown
  • Use and readings of templates
  • Take a look at Basic Wheeling
    Click Here!

    Learning to track properly is the sole foundation for making smooth compound curves and being able to blend curves into flat areas. This is the first time this information has been published, if you are interested in the "Wheel" don't miss this important demonstration.

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    This video covers:
  • How to dissect the fender
    into workable panels.
  • Forming of 7 different panels,
    all with different shapes.
  • How to throw a flange with the "wheel".
  • How to wire and joggle an edge.
  • How to assemble panels into one unit.
  • If you are into metal shaping, don't miss this important demonstration. We know this information will be very valuable to you.

    with John Glover
    2 - 2hour VHS tapes or DVD's:
    $39.95 each or $74.95 per set
    plus S&H

    with John Glover

    VHS or DVD: $39.95 plus S&H
    Take a look at Aluminum Shapes
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    John demonstates metal shaping techniques
    that have never been published before.
    Some of these methods performed with many
    simple hand made tools, in
    conjunction with the "English Wheel"

    1 hr. and 58 mins. long, believed to be
    the best on metal shaping techniques
    ever demonstrated.


    Aircraft Shapes
    takes "Aluminum Shapes" further.
    See John build an
    Aeronca Champ Nose Bowl.
    This is a deep dish nose with
    5 openings. John locates and finishes these opening using a plastic filler mold.
    It is great to see how he does this!
    Also see Wing Root Fairings made easy!

    This video is 1 hr. and 45 minutes long.

    with John Glover

    plus S&H

    with Fay Butler
    VHS $39.95 S&H


    Tips for wooden bucks

    Pattern development. It has been said 'If you can make the pattern, you can make the part."

    Reading patterns

    Determining the difference between Shape & Form

    Determining where to put weld seams

    Using the Pulmax

    Making tooling for the Pulmax

    This is an information packed video!

    This video is 1 hr. 18 minutes


    See good close up shots of the Yoder Power Hammer shrinking sheet metal.

    See how to cold shrink metal. You can shrink sheet metal by compressing (called stack shrinking) or pushing together (jaw type shrinking).

    Fay will explain the importance of paper patterns and how to make them as well as read them.

    This video may well leave you with more questions than answers. THIS IS VERY GOOD! Because now you know more and know what questions to ask!

    with Fay Butler
    $39.95 VHS

    with Mark Davis
    VHS $39.95 S&H


    Building your own late model stock car
    body can be very rewarding personally
    as well as financially.
    By learning to fabricate your own parts
    you can save approximately 2/3rds the cost
    of a prefab body.

    In this video you will see:
  • how to fabricate the body from flat sheet metal and locate it on the roll cage.
  • how to set perimeters for
    making paper patterns.
  • how to shape panels with regular
    sheet metal tools or homemade tools.
  • tricks for cutting plastic for
    windshields and back glass.

  • This video is 1hr. and 37 minutes long.

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