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"Most production
English Wheel builders
use the anvil patterns
I introduced in 1973.
Only one uses my
frame design -
Metalcraft Tools!"

John Glover
Click here for an excerpt from John's new book due out later this year!

For serious technical questions about the English Wheel
you can contact Mr. Glover at johnfglover@yahoo.com

Item #EW 40
add S&H and appropriate sales tax

English Wheel Designed
by Master Craftsman, John Glover

Weight: 400 lbs.
Height: 72"
Width: 34"
Depth: 50"
Depth of Throat: 36"
Vertical Clearance of Jaws: 30"

Billet: 9" Diameter
Five Lower Wheels: 3" Diameter
(Ranging from a 12" to 2 3/8" radius)
An Age Old Tool Returns

As the old saying goes, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." This may apply to the English Wheel. Around the turn of the century the curved panels for early automobiles were made by beating the sheet metal into hollowed out stumps, sand bags, shot bags and over wood or steel forms. As the demand for higher quality grew the English Wheel was invented.

The English Wheel is shaped like a large "C". There is a large 9" x 3" wheel with a flat working surface mounted at the top. There is a smaller 3" x 3" wheel mounted at the bottom with a curved working surface. The more shape desired in the panel, the more curved the lower wheel or anvil will be. Steel or aluminum can easily be shaped by pushing the metal back and forth between the wheels. Very little pressure is needed to shape the panel. The panel is stretched or raised to the desired shape. Panels free of hammer marks and other flaws can be quickly and easily formed. Many specialty shops today use the English Wheel to build or restore specialty cars, customized cars, antique cars, and aircraft.

To curve sheet metal on a single plane is very easy; to form a compound curve is another story. The English Wheel makes forming compound curves possible. Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and other hand made or custom cars are made using the English Wheel. The futuristic cars built for G.M., Ford, and other manufacturing companies are all built using the English Wheel. The level of skill grows rapidly when you start fitting the parts. Making the metal do what you want is not near as hard as trying to decide what you want it to do. Learning to use the English Wheel is no more difficult to learn than the proper use of the bead roller or break. This is not to imply that you can become an instant expert, but you can learn to make small parts and advance quickly. Using the English Wheel is a lot of fun, and you will learn a lot about sheet metal and fabrication that will help in future projects. Don't let metal fabrication intimidate you. You can learn how!!!!

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#1 anvil
12" radius
1" track
#2 anvil
8" radius
1/2" track
#3 anvil
5 1/2" radius
3/8" track
#4 anvil
3 1/4" radius
1/4" track
#5 anvil
2 3/8" radius
full radius

English Wheel "Kit" Item #EW41
Cost breakdown for the parts for the English Wheel

Parts List
Complete Kit
All machined parts
You furnish frame
Upper Wheel
3" x 9" Billet
included in kit
Upper Yoke
1/2" CRS Steel
Drilled for Axle & Set screw
included in kit
Lower Anvils
5 - 3" diameter 4140
(e.t.d.-150) $175.00 each (listed below)
included in kit
#1 Anvil
#2 Anvil
#3 Anvil
#4 Anvil
#5 Anvil
12" radius
8" radius
5 1/2" radius
3 1/4" radius
2 3/8" radius
1" track
1/2" track
3/8" track
1/4" track
full radius
Lower Yoke
Brass slides, Quick Release, ADJ screws
included in kit
Lower Tube Assy.
Sleeve 1/2" Wall D.O.M. Tubing, shaft 1 1/2" solid
included in kit
Complete machined - with assembled kick wheel included in kit

These pieces are all handmade individually,
they are not mass-produced!

We sincerely hope by making the individual parts available to you it will assist you in your endeavor to make your own English Wheel.  Learning to use the English Wheel is a very rewarding and satisfying experience.  It will increase your knowledge and understanding of sheet metal, opening new areas for your hobby or business.

The Construction and Proper Use of the English Wheel

The plans and information in the booklet have been made available by Master Craftsman John Glover. This book includes patterns to build a complete English Wheel including anvils.

Item #39
$25.00 plus S&H

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